I love snacks. I love eating, which is why I like to eat in between meals. I wake up and snack. I dream about snacks. Sometimes I prefer snacking to eating a real meal. We even named our dog Snacks. So, naturally, I want to share my favorite snacks with you.

I have a lot of different snacks on rotation. At the moment, this is what I’m into:

  1. toastAlmond flour bread with nut butter, fruit, bee pollen, and cinnamon. I’ve been sticking with this paleo almond and coconut flour bread lately. It’s gluten-free, substantial, and minimally-processed. Cashew and almond butter are super easy to make but also both available at TJs. Cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar and locally-bought bee pollen helps stave off seasonal allergies. Didn’t know a snack could do all that for you, did you!greensmoothie
  2.  Kreation Organic’s MILF smoothie. Smoothies are so easy to grab or make before work for a midday boost. I love this particular one because its high in protein and healthy fats without any added sugar.  It has coconut milk, hemp protein, chia seeds, spinach, cucumber, and almond butter. I’ll blend this up at home and keep it in the fridge when I’m at work so that I have something healthy later in the day.
  3. Betty Lou’s Nuts About Spirulina Ginseng Energy Balls.
    I have a deep love for snack bars. I’ve tried them all and always have one or two in my purse. These vegan bars (balls, really) are super low in sugar and are made with a blue-green algae called spirulina. Don’t let that turn you off – these are truly delicious and hot the spot between meals. Healthy fats and protein!