There is so much well-meaning advice out there on how to live a present, loving, and whole life. The sheer amount of information and advice can make it difficult to sift through any of it, leaving you more overwhelmed than when you started. What works for me is to go easy on myself, and to choose one or two activities at a time.

I tend to get bored easily, but I know how much better I feel when I take a break for myself throughout the day. I find that practicing one new exercise each month keeps me mentally engaged and grounded. I try not to put pressure on myself to commit to it, all or nothing everyday, but do my best to keep up a routine for that month. Whether it’s affirmations, 15 minutes of yoga before bed, or 10 minutes of meditation after breakfast, I like to do one activity to center myself everyday.


I have in the past shied away from affirmations. I didn’t ever feel like they were actually doing anything. I can get behind meditation, but affirmations felt a little too… something. When I heard Lisa Nichols discuss her own affirmation exercise during a recent interview, I liked its structure and honesty. I wrote down my own and decided to try it out everyday this month. They are below, to be spoken aloud to yourself in the mirror everyday with seven answers for each sentence:

  • “I am proud you that…”
  • “I forgive you for…”
  • “I commit to you that…”

My answers to each surprised me, as did how connected to myself I’ve felt since I began reciting them. It’s a bit creepy to talk to yourself in the mirror but it has started to feel like I’m honoring myself in doing so. I’d love to hear if you give them a shot and how they go for you!

Thank you Lisa Nichols 🙂