One of the issues with living in LA, and New York for that matter, is recognizing people in public. I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now and have just made eye contact with someone that has definitely made an impression on me prior to today. But I can’t quite place him. Did we work together? Is he a friend of my husband? I’m trying to rack my brain because there is definitely something in there about him when I realize that I may not know him at all. Or better stated, he may not know me.

We live in a town where people that you see regularly on TV and in movies move in the same spaces as you. These actors are in your home regularly, their faces becoming intimately familiar to you. Because of this, it’s a much trickier situation when you can’t place someone that you’ve just bumped into. You can’t necessarily fall back on the old tricks to try to jog your memory. Because they might not have ever met you in their lives.

On one such occasion, I was leaving my favorite grocery store when I bumped into a woman that I had previously worked with – or so I thought. We both stopped and exchanged pleasantries, she entirely participatory and adamant that she would see me later. It wasn’t until I got in my car that I realized I had just pretended to be friends with an actress from Girls, and she had pretended as well. I’m sure she was simply being very polite or felt the exact same thing as me: not quite sure if he had actually met me or not.

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you? I find awkward interactions wonderful and hilarious and hope they keep on happening to me.

Oh! I’ve just remembered where I know this guy in the coffee shop from…