I’m home right now on Thanksgiving break. We had 20 people over for dinner at my parent’s house as we usually do, and it was one of the best meals I can remember eating. I was on dessert, my dad did the turkeys, my sister made the veggies, and my mom decorated, planned and made her ridiculously good sweet potato soufflĂ©. Now I have three days to hang out, play with my niece, hike around the neighborhood, and workout with my mama.

My mom is my favorite workout partner. We poke and make fun and motivate each other to no end. She is in crazy-good shape. We go on runs together, hike around the nature preserve, and do weighted workout videos. I always grab the 3lbs so that I don’t bulk up, and she the 5 or 8lbs because she is a machine. Below is a list of our favorite weighted workouts that we do together:

  1. BeFiT GO: 40 minute Total Body Fat Burn – I love these workouts because they don’t talk too much and just when you’re dying for a break, they give you a minute-long rest. They’re very straightforward and spend a minute on each exercise.
  2. BeFit GO: 40 minute Cardio Crushing Workout – This circuit is great cardio. You spend 1 minute jumping rope (I pretend because I don’t have a rope), 1 minute on an aerobic weight exercise, 1 minute rest, then repeat for 40 minutes. It’s easy to get into a meditative headspace with the repetition so it usually goes by pretty quick.
  3. Christine Salus’ HIIT That Booty – I literally have no idea how she gets through this hour-long workout. I can barely get through one of her 30 minute workouts. Her training is super hard but I usually just try to get through as much as I can, or set a 30 minute goal for myself and pause when I need to. She’s great though.
  4. Tracy Anderson Full Body Mat Workout – I usually do one of Tracy’s workouts when I need a low-impact day. Her exercises lengthen and strengthen your accessory muscles and make everything feel tight. A 30 minute TA video with a walk around the neighborhood is a great workout.